datetime Member List

This is the complete list of members for datetime, including all inherited members.

accuracy enum namedatetime
compare(datetime const &op) constdatetime
datetime(zone z, int year, int month, int day, int hour=-1, int minute=-1, int second=-1, int millisecond=-1) (defined in datetime)datetime
datetime(time_t, accuracy a) (defined in datetime)datetimeexplicit
datetime(std::string_view const &s, zone z)datetimeexplicit
datetime(std::wstring_view const &s, zone z) (defined in datetime)datetimeexplicit
datetime(FILETIME const &ft, accuracy a)datetimeexplicit
datetime(datetime const &op)=default (defined in datetime)datetime
datetime(datetime &&op) noexcept=default (defined in datetime)datetime
days enum value (defined in datetime)datetime
earlier_than(datetime const &op) constdatetimeinline
empty() constdatetime
format(std::string const &format, zone z) constdatetime
format(std::wstring const &format, zone z) const (defined in datetime)datetime
get_accuracy() const (defined in datetime)datetimeinline
get_filetime() constdatetime
get_milliseconds() constdatetimeinline
get_rfc822() constdatetime
get_time_t() constdatetime
get_tm(zone z) constdatetime
hours enum value (defined in datetime)datetime
imbue_time(int hour, int minute, int second=-1, int millisecond=-1)datetime
later_than(datetime const &op) constdatetimeinline
local enum value (defined in datetime)datetime
milliseconds enum value (defined in datetime)datetime
minutes enum value (defined in datetime)datetime
operator bool() const (defined in datetime)datetimeinlineexplicit
operator!=(datetime const &op) const (defined in datetime)datetimeinline
operator+(duration const &op) const (defined in datetime)datetimeinline
operator+=(duration const &op) (defined in datetime)datetime
operator-(duration const &op) const (defined in datetime)datetimeinline
operator-(datetime const &a, datetime const &b)datetimefriend
operator-=(duration const &op) (defined in datetime)datetime
operator<(datetime const &op) const (defined in datetime)datetime
operator<=(datetime const &op) const (defined in datetime)datetime
operator=(datetime const &op)=default (defined in datetime)datetime
operator=(datetime &&op) noexcept=default (defined in datetime)datetime
operator==(datetime const &op) const (defined in datetime)datetime
operator>(datetime const &op) const (defined in datetime)datetimeinline
seconds enum value (defined in datetime)datetime
set(zone z, int year, int month, int day, int hour=-1, int minute=-1, int second=-1, int millisecond=-1)datetime
set(std::string_view const &str, zone z)datetime
set(std::wstring_view const &str, zone z) (defined in datetime)datetime
set(FILETIME const &ft, accuracy a)datetime
set(SYSTEMTIME const &ft, accuracy a, zone z)datetime
set(tm &t, accuracy a, zone z)datetime
set_rfc822(std::string_view const &str)datetime
set_rfc822(std::wstring_view const &str) (defined in datetime)datetime
utc enum value (defined in datetime)datetime
verify_format(std::string const &fmt)datetimestatic
verify_format(std::wstring const &fmt) (defined in datetime)datetimestatic
zone enum namedatetime