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mutex Class Referencefinal

Lean replacement for std::(recursive_)mutex. More...

#include <mutex.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 mutex (bool recursive=true)
 mutex (mutex const &)=delete
mutexoperator= (mutex const &)=delete
void lock ()
 Beware, manual locking isn't exception safe, use scoped_lock.
void unlock ()
 Beware, manual locking isn't exception safe, use scoped_lock.
bool try_lock ()
 Beware, manual locking isn't exception safe.


class condition
class scoped_lock

Detailed Description

Lean replacement for std::(recursive_)mutex.

Unfortunately we can't use std::mutex and std::condition_variable as MinGW doesn't implement C++11 threading yet. Even in those variants that at least have mutexes and condition variables, they don't make use of Vista+'s CONDITION_VARIABLE, so it's too slow for our needs.

Once all platforms have C++11 threading implemented in the fastest way possible, this class will be removed.

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