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iputils.hpp File Reference

Various functions to deal with IP address strings. More...

#include "libfilezilla.hpp"
#include <optional>
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struct  network_interface


 The namespace used by libfilezilla.


enum class  address_type { unknown , ipv4 , ipv6 , unix }


std::string get_ipv6_long_form (std::string_view const &short_address)
 Given a shortened IPv6 address, returns the full, unshortened address. More...
std::wstring get_ipv6_long_form (std::wstring_view const &short_address)
bool is_routable_address (std::string_view const &address)
 Tests whether the passed IP address is routable on the public Internet. More...
bool is_routable_address (std::wstring_view const &address)
address_type get_address_type (std::string_view const &address)
 Gets the type of the passed IP address.
address_type get_address_type (std::wstring_view const &address)
std::optional< std::vector< network_interface > > get_network_interfaces ()

Detailed Description

Various functions to deal with IP address strings.