libfilezilla Directory Reference


file  apply.hpp [code]
 Template helper to call a function with its arguments extracted from a tuple.
file  buffer.hpp [code]
 Declares fz::buffer.
file  encode.hpp [code]
 Functions to encode/decode strings.
file  encryption.hpp [code]
 Functions for symmetric and asymmetric encryption.
file  event.hpp [code]
 Declares event_base and simple_event<>
file  event_handler.hpp [code]
 Declares the event_handler class.
file  event_loop.hpp [code]
 A simple threaded event loop for the typesafe event system.
file  file.hpp [code]
 File handling.
file  format.hpp [code]
 Header for the sprintf string formatting function.
file  hash.hpp [code]
 Collection of cryptographic hash and MAC functions.
file  hostname_lookup.hpp [code]
 Header for the fz::hostname_lookup class.
file  impersonation.hpp [code]
 Declares fz::impersonation_token.
file  invoker.hpp [code]
 Declares fz::make_invoker and assorted machinery.
file  iputils.hpp [code]
 Various functions to deal with IP address strings.
file  json.hpp [code]
 Simple json parser/builder.
file  jws.hpp [code]
 Functions to create JSON Web Keys (JWK) and JSON Web Signatures (JWS)
file  libfilezilla.hpp [code]
 Sets some global macros and further includes string.hpp.
file  local_filesys.hpp [code]
 Declares local_filesys class to enumerate local files and query their metadata such as type, size and modification time.
file  logger.hpp [code]
 Interface for logging.
file  mutex.hpp [code]
 Thread synchronization primitives: mutex, scoped_lock and condition.
file  nonowning_buffer.hpp [code]
 Declares fz::nonowning_buffer.
file  optional.hpp [code]
 Header for the sparse_optional template class.
file  process.hpp [code]
 Header for the #process class.
file  rate_limited_layer.hpp [code]
 A rate-limited socket layer.
file  rate_limiter.hpp [code]
 Classes for rate-limiting.
file  recursive_remove.hpp [code]
 Class to recursively delete directories.
file  rwmutex.hpp [code]
 Thread synchronization primitives: rwmutex, scoped_read_lock and scoped_write_lock.
file  shared.hpp [code]
 Declares the shared_optional and shared_value template classes.
file  signature.hpp [code]
 Signature scheme using Ed25519.
file  socket.hpp [code]
 Socket classes for networking.
file  string.hpp [code]
 String types and assorted functions.
file  thread.hpp [code]
 Declares thread.
file  thread_pool.hpp [code]
 Declares thread_pool and async_task.
file  time.hpp [code]
 Assorted classes dealing with time.
file  tls_info.hpp [code]
 Classes to query parameters of a TLS session, including the certificate chain.
file  tls_layer.hpp [code]
 A Transport Layer Security (TLS) layer.
file  tls_system_trust_store.hpp [code]
 System trust store for TLS certificates.
file  translate.hpp [code]
 Functions to translate strings.
file  uri.hpp [code]
 Declares fz::uri for (de)composing URIs.
file  util.hpp [code]
 Various utility functions.
file  version.hpp [code]
 Macros and functions to get the version of the headers and the library.
file  visibility_helper.hpp [code]
 Helper macros for symbol visibility in shared libraries.