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time.hpp File Reference

Assorted classes dealing with time. More...

#include "libfilezilla.hpp"
#include <chrono>
#include <ctime>
#include <limits>
#include "glue/windows.hpp"
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class  datetime
 Represents a point of time in wallclock, tracking the timestamps accuracy/precision. More...
class  duration
 The duration class represents a time interval in milliseconds. More...
class  monotonic_clock
 A monotonic clock (aka steady clock) is independent from walltime. More...


 The namespace used by libfilezilla.


duration operator- (duration const &a, duration const &b)
duration operator+ (duration const &a, duration const &b)
duration operator/ (duration const &a, int64_t b)
duration operator- (datetime const &a, datetime const &b)
 Gets the difference between two timestamps as duration. More...
duration operator- (monotonic_clock const &a, monotonic_clock const &b)

Detailed Description

Assorted classes dealing with time.