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 NfzThe namespace used by libfilezilla
 Casync_taskHandle for asynchronous tasks
 CbufferSimple buffer where data can be appended at the end and consumed at the front. Think of it as a deque with contiguous storage
 CconditionWaitable condition variable
 CdatetimeRepresents a point of time in wallclock, tracking the timestamps accuracy/precision
 CdurationThe duration class represents a time interval in milliseconds
 Cevent_baseCommon base class for all events
 Cevent_handlerSimple handler for asynchronous event processing
 Cevent_loopA threaded event loop that supports sending events and timers
 CfileLean class for file access
 Cless_insensitive_asciiComparator to be used for std::map for case-insentitive keys
 Clocal_filesysThis class can be used to enumerate the contents of local directories and to query the metadata of files
 Cmonotonic_clockA monotonic clock (aka steady clock) is independent from walltime
 CmutexLean replacement for std::(recursive_)mutex
 CprocessManages an asynchronous process with redirected IO
 Cquery_stringClass for parsing a URI's query string
 Crecursive_removeRecursively deletes directories
 Cscoped_lockA simple scoped lock
 Cshared_optionalShared_optional is like std::shared_ptr but with relational operators acting like C++17's std::optional
 Csimple_eventThis is the recommended event class
 Csparse_optionalSimilar to C++17's std::optional, but stores the data in dynamic memory
 CthreadSpawns and represents a new thread of execution
 Cthread_poolA dumb thread-pool for asynchronous tasks
 CuriUsed to decompose URIs into their individual components