File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 apply.hppTemplate helper to call a function with its arguments extracted from a tuple
 buffer.hppDeclares fz::buffer
 encode.hppFunctions to encode/decode strings
 event.hppDeclares event_base and simple_event<>
 event_handler.hppDeclares the event_handler class
 event_loop.hppA simple threaded event loop for the typesafe event system
 file.hppFile handling
 format.hppHeader for the sprintf string formatting function
 iputils.hppVarious functions to deal with IP address strings
 libfilezilla.hppSets some global macros and further includes string.hpp
 local_filesys.hppDeclares local_filesys class to enumerate local files and query their metadata such as type, size and modification time
 mutex.hppThread synchronization primitives: mutex, scoped_lock and condition
 optional.hppHeader for the sparse_optional template class
 process.hppHeader for the process class
 recursive_remove.hppClass to recursively delete directories
 shared.hppDeclares the shared_optional and shared_value template classes
 string.hppString types and assorted functions
 thread.hppDeclares thread
 thread_pool.hppDeclares thread_pool and async_task
 time.hppAssorted classes dealing with time
 uri.hppDeclares fz::uri for (de)composing URIs
 util.hppVarious utility functions
 version.hppMacros and functions to get the version of the headers and the library